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Tumblestone PS4 Match 3 Gameplay


Tumblestone is Developed by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
Tumblestone Tumblestone is a casual puzzle and competitive multiplayer game from the creators of The Bridge. Tumblestone’s beautiful, hand-drawn artwork will captivate you while the maddeningly addictive gameplay will keep you playing “just one more round” with your friends. At first glance Tumblestone may resemble other Match-3 games, but it completely reinvents the genre into a deep and cerebral puzzle solving experience that you won’t forget. – From PlayStation.com

More Quick Details – Story mode: The 30+ hour story campaign will test your puzzle-solving prowess. Featuring 10+ gameplay modifiers, challenge puzzles, and boss battles.

Arcade modes: Kick back and relax with the casual Marathon mode, scratch an intellectual itch with the Infinipuzzle mode, or get your blood pumping with the fast-paced Heartbeat mode.

Leaderboards: Online leaderboards let your friends know you’re better than them.

Challenges: Hundreds of unique challenges to complete.

Stats: Rank up, then compare how you stack up against your friends.

Personalization: Choose from a dozen unique characters and environments.

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Tumblestone PS4  Match 3 Gameplay

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