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Unboxing/Gamplay: Tekken: Tag Tournament 2 – [PS3]


Unboxing/Gamplay: Tekken: Tag Tournament 2 - [PS3]


  1. 南米の方が日本の代表作「て鉄拳」を好きになってくれてる事に感謝します!

  2. Damn, sick game collection man, so what do you do with all the covers?
    I've always wanted to do that but, they just look so awesome in there own covers that I still haven't gone ahead and stored them in those case thingys. Great video anyway 🙂

  3. Tekken 5 was last , and i ended my carrier on it (staritn t1). Why ? Cause later versions all are bullshit. Like bob – fat pepople cant move and cant handle long with that kind of performance and speed (ganriu is logical jax and other like panda they match they size) and other new efects sounds walls its shit worth. I rememebr tekken 4 – one with most intense fights and realy good visualisation and maps. Btw original tekekn tag and tekken 3 still in most best memories. Love tekken 5tdro… Love all old tekken where was some common sence.

  4. Hey, I bought the game yesterday and I have the PS3, the game was installing and all but then it just stopped at 71%, I waited about 1 more hour and it's still on 71%, did your's do this? How long did your installation take? I would really appreciate your answer

  5. Awww okay, it would have been nice seeing you do contracts online play, but it's okay I still enjoy your vids :P.

  6. Sorry man, I do not find the new Hitman game appealing to me…:/ so I don't plan to play it 🙁

  7. wow nice, I think I may get that I always like tekken. But I was saving for Hitman Absolution. Say when hitman comes out november 20th you think you can post a video of it and your review? If you could that would be great.

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