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Videoball Review


Hey this is Andrew from http://www.gametestplay.com and today I’ll be playing Video Ball. Made by Action Button Entertainment for PS4 xbox1 and PC, Videoball delivers 2D sports action with inspirations from pong and asteroids. The object of the game is to knock the ball into other team’s goal. It’s 10 points to win with a maximum of 3 balls on the court at any times, but these are just the default settings, you can change the amount of goals, balls, times, color and more in the settings. You can shoot three types of arrows of differing strength, size, and speed, that can hit the ball. You can also hit the other player spinning them out.
There are a couple dozen different courts with varying layouts and sizes.

The triangle you control feels like it’s on ice, and you’re suppose to propel them in the direction you want to go. It’s tough at first, but becomes manageable. The biggest problem is the constant freezing when you get shot. Whenever a player or computer gets hits, everything stops for a moment, which is really annoying and totally throws off my momentum, not to mention it just feel like the game is constantly stopping and starting.

The menus are wonky as hell. Circle doesn’t go back like it should. Customizing the options isn’t intuitive, and it never feels like a there’s a progression system. Even the arcade mode which is suppose to act like a campaign of challenges is off-balance. I breezed through the first 9 levels with no help and not a single loss, and I couldn’t for the life of me even come close to beating level 10, even in co-op. Overall Videoball is a good idea with a few tech issues and execution flaws. And if you got a problem with that, try starting a dialogue in the comment section, and make sure to visit the website http://www.gametestplay.com

Videoball Review

Let's Look At: Videoball!

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  1. This game DOES have an online community. Everyone who's really into the game is on Discord. All you really need to do is sign up and post that you are hosting a match. Chances are, you will get a pretty quick response and will then have people to play with. The peak hours are during night time, you will basically never not find a game at night.

    Get on Discord and play Videoball!

    Here is the link: discord.gg/c6HN5t6

  2. I thought the same thing about Mini Metro, until I saw Kate playing it. It got me good. And I HAVE had the joy of playing this with some friends, it's really really fun. Will be happening soon, for sure!

  3. You should check out the game "overcooked". It would be perfect for you and the crew to play.

  4. Hello! I worked on this game.

    Your stats didn't reset — the game saves multiple categories. So you were seeing the stats for 1 on 1, which is a might you probably hadn't played before! Yay~~~

    Also if you want to play online . . . remember that we are waiting for your challenge!!

  5. this game needs more support. the online community right now is lacking severely (on PS4), which is a shame.

  6. Good video on a simple but interesting game! I know you are pretty hard-working but I do want to say that I originally subscribed years back due to your "Let's Look At"s so it always makes me happy to see new ones. Keep it up!

  7. I'm so glad you covered this game. I've been hoping since it came out that someone notable would cover it. IMO this is one of the few new games recently that actually deserves near-rocket league levels of success

  8. I would like to see this as a regular game to play with the NLLS if that is possible kinda like a dead by daylight type of game. Or even 1 on 1 against Sinvicta or a 2v2 with some NLLS crew.

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