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Way Original PS2 disc read error Question?


I have one of the first ps2s and on most of my discs it works on the first try to run. Others take a few trys getting disc read errors, so i eject them and close the tray a few times before they work. But I have one game(nothing wrong with it, works on friends ps2) That just never is able to be read. Anyone know a solution?

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  1. sometimes if you put a little square of masking tape on the top of the disk it will read. i think its something about it being a bit heavier. idk. its worked a few times for me 🙂

  2. The older PS2s are just refusing to read discs nowadays, the same thing happened to me, I just recommend getting the new slim PS2 or taking it to your local electronics store if you do not feel like getting a new console.

  3. clean the lens if not call the company cuz i have the same one but i have never had a problem with it. and if urs is an original urs will be pretty old to mabeys is just dieing time for a 360 (if u want halo 3 )or a ps3 (for reliablility)

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