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What can be downloaded to sony PS3?


is there is a choice ( possibilityes) to download movies on to hard drive ( 160 gg in mine) of the PS3 and save it? How usually this process goes? Likely organize a library of the movies? ( not extanded hard drive) thank you! 12/6/08

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  1. First of all.organize your question better and learn to type sentences that make sense

    You can download a lot of different things just like 360

    and yes you can download movies if thts ur question?

  2. Ofcourse you can! I know you can upload videos, music, pictures of your own and they categorize themselves rather neatly. For movies etc. you can go into the Sony playstation store if your ps3 is online and buy movies there for a couple of bucks. If you have a credit card on file with your Sony account they just charge you on your card.

    I havent purchased a movie on the ps3 so I don’t know firsthand how it is but I know it’s possible!

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