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What is Playstation PLUS for?


I got my playstation and found a free 30 day playstation plus card.i would really appreciate i you guys helped my telling me what is the who point of it and if i need to be paying every single month.

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  1. What it is: PlayStation Plus is a subscription that gives you free PS3 and PS Vita games, themes and avatars. The games are only playable while you have an active subscription, but you can keep the themes and avatars forever. They give you discounts as well for games and other content on the PlayStation Store, if you buy anything with the discount it’s yours forever as well.

    You also get the option to have your PS3 and/or Vita automatically update itself/themselves. You set a time and the system will turn itself on at that time to perform an automatic update. What this does is any of the combined options you set it to do, which are:

    1: automatically upload saved data. This will upload any games saved game data on your PS3 to the internet, in case you ever lose it or even if you want to download it on another PS3 (you can also chose what games you want it to automatically upload save data for).

    2: Sync Trophies. This syncs all your trophy information during the auto update.

    3: Download system updates. This will download (but not install) PS3 system updates if they are ever available. You would most likely need to do them anyway to access the PSN.

    4: Download game patches. Very useful because it keeps all your games up to date and ready to play.

    Do you need to pay every month? Yes and no, you can buy three months (17.99) or one year (49.99) at a time. You need an active subscription to play the free games from PS Plus and to use the auto update. If you don’t want it to automatically renew and charge your card go to Account Management on the XMB, then Transaction Management, then Automatic Funding.

    I would highly recommend this if you play a lot on your PS3 or if you also have a Vita. I have been a member since it launched and I had to buy a 750GB hard drive for my PS3 because I was getting too many free games, but I must not of installed it correctly and it got corrupted. Good thing I had Plus or else I would have lost all my saved games =( I probably could have just copied and pasted this [url is not allowed] but I wanted to write the answer myself.

  2. Well u can get free games for it and discounts on other games as long as you have your membership otherwise they just stop working

  3. I’ve been a Plus member for 2 years and I think it is well worth it. I’ve saved more than the cost in the discounts that are available every month. There are free games available every month that are free to play as long as you are a member. Anything you buy that is a plus discount is yours to keep even if you stop your membership. Also plus gives you 1gb of cloud storage to back up saves. The cloud can even be used to back up saves that are copy-protected and can’t be backed up on usb storage. Plus members also get early access to most betas.

    Personally I would just monitor the store for a few weeks, see what is offered in free games and discounts until you can make a decision on whether or not it is worth the cost to you.

  4. PlayStation Network, often abbreviated as PSN, is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service provided/run by Sony Computer Entertainment for use with the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation Vita video game consoles. The PlayStation Network is the video game portion of the Sony Entertainment Network.

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