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What Type of Cable do i need to Transfer Videos/Data from Xbox 360 to my PC?


I know i proberly need a Usb Cable but can someone point me in the right direction with a link of the type of cable i need possible on ebay if you can.


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  1. If the files are saves to your Xbox hard drive then all you need is a standard double-ended USB cable. You should have one lying around from one device you may have purchased or another. If not, they only cost about £5, $10.

  2. You neet a cat 5 or up ethernet cable. Ethernet cables are the cables used for networking computers (and consoles) to eathother, or to routers.

    You can get these cables at walmart (EXPENSIVE!) or ebay (slower, but much cheaper!) you connect the cable to the ethernet port in the back of your 360 to your router, or to your computer directly

    THIS IS IMPORTANT! READ THIS! I HATE CAPS LOCK! If you are going to connect your 360 directly to your computer, you should get a Crossover ethernet cable, those are designed for connecting computers directly to eachother. I’m not 100 percent sure if the 360 can use a standard ethernet cable when doing direct connections, but this is a good way to play it safe

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