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What Xbox 360 game to buy this summer?


I’m getting a little bored now playing Modern Warfare 2. I saved some money to buy Halo: Reach, but it will come out AFTER summer. So I’m asking, what Xbox 360 game should I buy to satisfy my summer?

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  1. well I suppose there are a few good games coming out. most, like you said are coming out AFTER the summer. If you dont have Battlefield: Bad Company 2, you NEED it. If you liked MW2 when it came out and until now, I guarantee you will enjoy this game for a long time. I know its been out a while now but trust me you’ll love it. this came out today. you’ll probably want a highly multiplayer game. sorry if I wasn’t all that helpful. here are games coming out this week. try this link. It shows a few games that come out this week.

  2. Well I’m not really into First Person Shooters, but I do love scrolling shooters. And I’m really excited for Deathsmiles IIX/Deathsmiles for the XBOX 360.

    To me that would be the game of my summer.

  3. Red dead redemption is good. all time favorite is fable. bad company is really good it is quite different than mw2. but still good. Too bad Ghost recon comes out in the fall.

  4. I personally love Left 4 Dead 2 especially versus mode

    also GTA:IV is pretty fun. I heard that Red Dead Redemption was good but i havent played it

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