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What’s better ps3 or Xbox?


Well I would know what you think I prefer ps3 because online is free it has blueray and better games and graphics and xbox costs and has no blueray.

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  1. Prepare to read a lot then.

    Weigh the pros and cons of both systems. That way it is an unbiased approach and fanboys from either side won’t be able to say anything.

    PS3 Pros:

    -Online is FREE

    -Less annoying kids/hackers

    -Better and MORE exclusive games that come in True HD 1080p *the ones I list here won’t for the most part, but many others can* (Infamous, MAG, Metal Gear Solid 4, Little Big Planet, Gran Turismo 5, etc.)

    -The games are made on Blu ray discs (EXTREMELY HARD to scratch/ruin, the only way I can think of is by taking something sharp to it yourself)

    -It can go up to True HD 1080p instead of topping off at HD 720p. (provided you have an HDMI cable and a TV that supports that resolution)

    -It is a Blu ray player

    -You can browse on the internet


    -It cannot overheat easily

    -Bigger hard drives.

    -The PS3 Slim *redesigned from the PS3 Fat* is 33% quieter, smaller, faster, and more efficient (in other words, You’ll save money on power bills)

    – PS3 supports 3D

    -Closest thing to being a computer without actually being one

    -Look, I can go on and on, but that wouldn’t be fair to 360…

    PS3 Cons:

    -It does not have theatre playback

    -It has the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD, HOWEVER THIS HAPPENS VERY RARELY! You’d have to be very silly with the system for it to get the YLOD quickly.)

    -The online isn’t as nice as the 360’s where it will switch hosts

    Xbox 360 Pros:

    -The online has dedicated servers that will swap hosts who have crappy connections

    -It has its own exclusives (Halo, Gears of War, Fable, etc.)

    -It has a neat theatre playback feature

    Xbox 360 Cons:

    -It is NOTORIOUS for breaking down (within 2 years. They designed it that way ON PURPOSE to get more money out of you. In other words, they lie saying its a better system)

    -It gets the Red Rings of Death (RROD, which forces you to send it in to get repaired which takes away from your fun and experience)

    -It overheats easily

    -It uses DVD ROMs for its games (VERY EASY to scratch/ruin, and they cannot support True HD 1080p)

    -The graphics are good, but not as good. (The reason for this isn’t because the system isn’t capable or anything. It is. But because they put their games on DVD ROMs, it can’t support that resolution. It can only go MAX HD 720p without “upscaling” the graphics to make it LOOK like 1080p. Don’t be fooled, its really not even close)

    -You’ll have to send it in fairly often. (My buddy had to send his 360 in 6 times in ONE YEAR. He had to pay to repair it, plus shipping/handling. That is unacceptable. You want the system to last so you can play it and enjoy it. Not waste more money to fix it.)

    -The insides of the 360 are cheap. They will also break (again, Microsoft designed it like that ON PURPOSE)

    -Smaller hard drives

    -You cannot browse the internet

    -Online is NOT free

    -360 fanboys are THE WORST and MOST annoying fanboys you’ll ever meet

    -More hackers and annoying little kids play online

    – Does not support 3D

    When you weigh the pros and cons, PS3 is the obvious winner in terms of better everything. Everything on the inside of the PS3 was custom designed and built from scratch. The PS3 is designed to last as long as possible whereas the 360 is designed to break down soon so they get more money out of you (as if they need it, they really don’t. They just aren’t an ethical company). Sony actually thinks very highly of their customers and try to give them a product that will out do the rest. So far, no argument, hands down, they have.

    You get way more for your buck with PS3. It also depends on your style of gaming though. Are you just a hardcore gamer? Go 360. Are you a gamer, but also like extras that are extremely convenient and just make for a better overall experience? Go PS3. The games are pretty much equal, but you’ll find the experience of games that are shared more fulfilling on the PS3. It just flows better. You can also adjust your setting to filtre out any and all gaming lag (offline only, not online) on the PS3 (you need the HDMI for that though).

    Hope that helps.

  2. xbox is the best answer mine

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  3. well what you said is true but i think ps3 is better in my opinion because if you know you can get better graphics. plus internet is free its like a package.XBox is cheaper and graphics aren’t as good and for internet on XBox you have to pay. so in the beginning ps3 cost more.but in the end because you have to pay for Xbox internet like every month something like that. In the end XBox cost much more. so i think PS3 is for sure better

  4. Im also more for PS3. And I don’t have much to add besides what you said. I like the PS3 exclusives better, like uncharted or Heavy Rain.

  5. Technically, the PS3 is better as a machine. That’s not an opinion, it’s just true. Blu-ray disks can store more data and the PS3 has superior computational abilities which, in many cases, leads to better graphics. The PS3 has some exclusive games as well.

    However, the Xbox also has some games which are not available on PS3, and it is also slightly cheaper. In addition, some people say its online experience is better despite not being free.

    You have to decide which of these arguments matters more to you and, if there are specific games you are after, which console they run on. 🙂

  6. I don’t personally think one is better than the other. I prefer PS3 as I like my films and Blu Ray is best (no need to wait hours to download some massive film just to have HD)

  7. As my dad always tought me.you get what you pay for. The reason ps3 seems to have better graphics is because it is intended mostly for 1080p tvs. Cheaper is never better, cheap service and cheap blu-ray

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