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When will the playstation network be back up?


Does anyone know a legitimate date the playstation network will be back? has Sony even gave us an explanation on why its taking them so long?

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  1. PSN was hacked and Sony is trying to rebuild the protective software so it doesn’t happen again. Also they said the PSN will be back online on May 31st, but I think online play (not playstation store) will be online earlier. Also we get free stuff like 30 day subscription for Playstation Plus and the music thing also +1 day every day PSN is down. They also promised free games I think but didn’t announce any.

  2. Sony have given a few updates in the past, stating that it would be up in a weeks time but that never happened. They have recently said that they were in the final stages of testing the new servers (I think this update came on the 6th May). I’ve heard that it PSN will be fully functional by May 31st, but on their blog Sony wrote that they will gradually bring certain features up, and one of the first will be online gaming. So in other words. we should be able to play games online before May 31st, but we can’t fully use PSN until after that date.

    They are probably quite embarrassed about the whole scenario so are keeping a little quiet about it. They also probably have no idea when they’ll be finished by so don’t want to give out any false hope to us PS3’ers.

    On a side note, people are being a little bit hypocritical about this whole situation – they complain when Sony give no info as to when PSN will be back up, and when they do they still complain!

  3. I heard May 31st or at least sometime soon. The bonus of PSN being down is that they are going to give us playstation plus for 30 days

  4. Umm guy above me talking out his *. It be on before 31 everything and thts a rumor not said by Sony so it’s not true n there not embrassed xbox should be in 2009 wen it was down for 17 days n nvr updated ppl or gav money bak

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