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Which Gaming Headsets Work with Ps4 and XBOX ONE – The Specifics – Astro – Tritton – Turtle Beach


This time I am going to get into specific Headsets. I’ll show you the Turtle Beach Compatibility tool. I’ll talk about the Astro A50, A40, and A30. Then finish with Tritton AX 720 Pro, Warhead, and Kunai.

The most current information on compatability between the next gen consoles ( XBOX ONE – PS4 ) and current Gaming Headsets. Some disappointing news here. Hopefully Sony will get the PS4 updated quickly to support voice chat over usb, and Microsoft will release its XBOX ONE headset adapter sooner than expected.

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Which Gaming Headsets Work with Ps4 and XBOX ONE - The Specifics - Astro - Tritton - Turtle Beach

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  1. do tritton AX pro ( xbox 360 version) work with the new xbox one S, i cant seem to get the voice chat to work, i am unable to talk, dont know if u need to update the mix amp, or if they are just not compatible.

  2. could anyone find out if the Tritton Warhead works with the ps4? with surround sound? completely wireless?

  3. Wait so lets say i buy the astros that are made for xbox one.Will I be still be able to use it for the 360 with surround sound and chat?

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