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Who can answer PS3 DLC Problem?


OK so I have a NTSC PS3 and I reside in the UK as my father is in the military you get the point. With my Xbox It is registered with as a UK Xbox but is NTSC yet I can buy DLC and it still works. I wonder if this will reflect on my PS3 but I bought a PS1 game from PSN and it doesn’t work. I have a UK PSN account so anyone can answer would appreciate. I would just like to know if UK DLC will work like Xbox does thanks a lot.

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  1. PS1/2 games are region locked, if u have a NTSC PS3 then u need to download the PS1/2 games from the US PSN Store (PS1/2 games are not like DLC for PS3)

    DLC PS3 for games, if u buy a game in the UK u need to download the DLC from the UK PSN Store and if u buy it from the States u need to download the DLC from USA PSN Store

    also even tho PS3 games are region free the online for all of them are not e.g. MK9 online is region locked, if u buy the game in the UK u can only play ppl with the same version and if u buy the US version u can only play ppl in the US (this is only with some games tho)

    Blu-Ray & DVD Movies are also region locked.

    outside of everything i said the mentioned the PS3 is Region Free.

    Xbox is Region Locked so when u download from them it knows what X360 version u r downloading for (only RF games can work on any X360), whereas with PSN because u can get game from anywhere u need access to the other stores to get the DLC so thats why the DLC content is the way it is.

    hope u understand all that ^^^

  2. Hrm.I used to live in the UK and I had no prob with downloaded content, so Im not sure why your ps3 if weird >_<

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