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Why can’t I sign into the playstation network [error 8071053D]?


When I try to connect to the playstation network [UK] with my email and password I get ‘an error has occured, you have been signed out of the playstation network (8071053D)

Anyone else getting this?
Ok thanks guys, at least I know I’m not alone.

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  1. yeah down in Australia too. I was getting the maintenence message when i tried going to the PS Store but now im just getting the error code. Hackers trying to get to mw3, u watch!! lol

  2. The network is under maintenance at the moment check the playstation twitter for updates mate. By the way dont listen to idiots like neo your account has not been hacked.

  3. i am now really annoyed with this as well, and hopefully it is back up before this evening as i really wanted to go on Uncharted 3 Multiplayer but no. I hope it hasn’t been hackers again, then i really would be P*d off >:(

  4. Does anyone have any idea how long? Got the lads round for cod day and no connection. Livid.

    There is however an update when trying to get into mw3 so maybe that will help. Updating now!

  5. Same error here in Asia. I was online, so were my friends. We signed off for a break, tried to sign back on 30 minutes later and couldn’t. I just tried unplugging everything including router. No luck. The MW3 server is up so it is just the PS3 server. Unschedule maintenance? I guess we got to wait it out. Since servers are in the US, maybe they do the maintenance at night there which makes it crappy for us out of country? Not sure but it is WORLDWIDE so its not your PS3. I hope its not the same crap as last time. Good Luck to all and post any news.

  6. Same in NC. I need it for netflix, its the only thing i got

    it said to me it was doing maintenance

    as of 7:28 i logged in and got in so i think its working now

  7. Playstation network is down, no-one knows the reason as they haven’t posted why. If it was a maintenance break it would have been informed before it was took offline.

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