Home Playstation Forum Why doesn’t my playstation 2 work anymore?

Why doesn’t my playstation 2 work anymore?


What do all these consoles suck.

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  1. My original PS2 crapped out. It was having the typical disc drive optical lens problems. I had to take it apart periodically, but one time that I did I screwed up the controller ribbon cable inside and just said screw it. I had a lot of games that I liked and some were getting ready to come out that I wanted, so I bought a PS2 slim. It works GREAT. If the PS2 had been designed like this originally, the PS2 would have been a stellar system.

  2. Is It The Older Version Of The PS2 If So Then Its Time To Get A New System. If It is the thin PS2 then it might be the lens it may need to be cleaned!

  3. The original playstation was so shock absorbant. I used to get mad at being stuck on a level and slammed my PS1 into walls and doors and on the floor. Would pick it up, plug it again and resume my game. I think that since the PS2 was the first system that integrated so many attributes, online enabled, web abled and dvd functions that they are picky little devils. I had to replace my PS2 twice. I got the slim when it first came out and I have had no probs with it. The big bulky ones are always trouble.

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