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Xbox 360 Controller keeps disconnecting?


My wireless controllers keep disconnecting. I have tried all three of them and they all have the same problem. Its not the battery’s, I’ve checked and they all have three or four bars. they’re ok if im just running around, but when I go to fire a gun or hit a certain button (right now it is the right trigger to fire a gun or the left joystick for a melee attack, but before it was the left bumper to throw a grenade). The buttons that disconnect my controller are different every time I restart the console. has anyone else ever had this problem or know how to fix it?

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  1. Connect your controller directly to your xbox

    Also get a controller from a friend to make sure its not your xbox

  2. I’ve had the problem where they wouldn’t connect at all, but never this one. I had to send my console in to be fixed. As you probably know it’s not your controllers so don’t do what this retard said and buy more. It seems like it might be when your controller vibrates it disconnects but 1-800-4my-xbox is the number for Microsoft. I’d give them a call. You should also try to directly connect your controller to your Xbox with a charging cord and if possible go over to a friend’s house and try it there.

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