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Xbox 360 disc drive problem?


I recently switched disc drives on my xbox 360, and now when I try to play a game it wont read it.

The disc drive put in is older than the xbox itself.

I believe the disc drive put in is not compatible with the newer xbox hardware.

What happens is: It opens and closes fine, but it will not read a game, it will just say “play game”.

so I select play game, and then it goes to a black screen and starts spinning for about 3-5 seconds but nothing happens and it immediately returns to the home screen.

What should I do?

I do not have the original disc drive, But where can I find one that will be compatible with my Xbox(same year or generation)?

BTW. the game I put in is fine, it played good before.

Would game-stop have xbox 360 disc drives?

yes.I know, I should have gone with PS3 : (

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  1. Well.you can’t just simply swap out drives and expect them to work. It’s a bit more complicated than that.

    You need to get the same drive as your old one was, and the new one needs to be flashed with the correct dvd key from the old drive. This would be easy for a modder on Craigslist to do for you.

    However.since you do not have your original drive, it just became far more difficult for you as the only way to get the correct key without it saved or having the original drive is to RGH the system and that is not an easy job. You’d probably be better off getting another Xbox.

    You can’t sell it without the drive key as no one is going to want to RGH to get the key and the drive is not going to read games without it. Gamestop does not carry drives.

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