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Xbox 360 Live question, HELP!?


I have halo reach, but does it need to be halo reach live in order to play it live on my Xbox360 live?
What I mean is. whats the difference. between the live version and the ones that don’t say live.

Thats all. Just a question,

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  1. halo reach live? what?

    if u have xbox live it should play no matter what.

    btw what’s halo reach live?

  2. No it doesn’t. For you to play online you must have a copy of the game, the internet and a LIVE account. Now the XBOX it not free gaming. You can usually get some free memberships with brand new games (like Halo Reach) which you can then use online and make an account.

    First off XBOX LIVE have two account types, there is gold and silver.

    Gold – Full access to everything. Download things from the LIVE store and play any game online.

    Silver – You get linited access and may only download things from the LIVE store you CAN NOT play games online.

    Pick which above you would like to do. Then move onto subscriptions below =] which we will talk about the price of XBOX LIVE and different time periods in which you can play online.

    1 Month – $7.99

    3 Months – $19.99

    6 Months – $35.99

    12 Months – $59.99

    The price above are all in Australian Dollars. And the prices may vary from store to store but these are the average prices of each GOLD MEMBERSHIP to play games online. Also the ability to purchase different GOLD MEMBERSHIPS is subject from store to store.

    I hope this information helps you and happy gaming!

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