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Xbox 360 Red Ring Issue!?


I got the feared RROD today after playing Halo 3 for about an hour or so. I let the system cool down, and plugged it directly to the wall outlet (since I had it plugged to a power strip) So I turned it on and nothing happened, just like before, but I didin’t try to play fearing this would happen again.

Is there any chance it will work fine as it did before? Or does the problem becomes ‘permanent’ or irreversible as it seems?


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  1. If it turned on without the red lights as you mentioned before, it could be that you avoided having permanent damage.

    Give the system some time to cool, and try playing again. If you don’t get the ring again, then you’re in luck. Just try not to over-heat the damned thing.

    If you DO get the ring, I’m afraid it was inevitable. Ship it back to Microsoft.

  2. Why bother asking? If it works play it. You have no control over if the console dies. Keep it out of the power strip. That can cause the ring of death. At least that is Microsoft’s official stance.

  3. irreversable it happend to me and twice to my cousin.my zune is screwed up too microsoft needs to get a grip call customer support before u lose ur warrenty and ship it out

  4. you need to send it to microsoft or call the number on the box for details and send it in it will take 6 to 8 weeks to get it back its a big problem that everyone is having.Make sure your system is well ventalated sorry for bad spelling

    good luck

  5. i got a RROD today too so i had to take it to gamestop.they replaced it (because of my warranty) and they said that the RROD comes from 1-4 reasons

    1-you ran out of gel that powers the xbox 360 and now it is dead

    2- you played it too long and not enough time for a cooldown

    3-no air could get to your system

    4-your cables arent hooked in tigh enough

    if you stand your console straight up as it is shown on commecials and websites DONT DO THAT lay it flat on its side

    Make sure you dont play it on carpet (dont know why that messes it up but they said it did)

    dont touch the systym while your playing it will burn a ring in your game

    -there is a chance that it will work just fine 20 minutes after i left GameStop they called me and said that they got it to work, but the problem can become permanet and your basicly screwed unless you have a warranty-

  6. I have gotten it twice, the first time I had to send it out to xbox. The second time, it happened in the middle of a game, I immediately turned the Xbox off, unplugged everything and put a fan by it for the night. After I came home from school it was fine. I guess it depends on how bad it is.

  7. You might get a few more game plays out of it. But the Red Ring of Death (RROD) will haunt you for a very long time.

    If you have not opened your xbox, I would request service on your xbox and send it in. They will replace the xbox for you free of charge. It’ll take about 3-4 weeks!

    You can however continue to play until it red rings for good if you would like.


  8. Sorry for you, but it’ll come back ♪

    Just wait, its just scaring you.

    Happened to me.

    It came Christmas day 2007, returned April 2008 ♪

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