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Xbox live do i need this?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Im saving up money for xbox live and i am getting A router for my cpu to have highspeed just like my parents does, then im gunna buy the subscription. I was wondering if i HAVE to buy a wireless adapter or what if i just buy an ethernet cable and go directly from my router to the xbox 360 will i be ready for online or no do i have to get an adapter?

thx very much.

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  1. No you don’t need the wireless adapter only if your modem is to far from your xbox 360 you can just use the wired one if your wire goes to your modem to the 360

  2. no you dont need one at all simple as that all u need is a ethernet to go from xbox to modem or router with ethernet to hook up cpu xbox 2 modem

  3. You can use a router. I prefer it over wireless, it doesn’t get interrupted. Have your cable go into a router, then the router has a cable go into the xbox and one into the computer. I use my router and can have 2 computers online while on Xbox live without any problems.

  4. U dont realy need to buy an Wireless adapter for yuor xbox 360 voz wireless adapter is for people huv house with double story nd they cant huv wires all over there house they hvu to buy wiresless adapter so there is no need for you to buy wireless adapter if your console is close to your router u just need to buy enthernet cable thats all happ to help!

  5. no, the adapter is just for wireless, it is good to have, but its costly, about 100$. the ethernet cable will work just fine. i have both.

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