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xbox live friend list help?


I had a friend on xbox live and we would play mw3 all the time. One day on battlefield 3 i did something to make him mad and he unfriended me and blocked me. It has been over a year and i want to talk to him again. how can i contact him

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  1. You can’t. Be a nicer person to your friends to make this not happen again. Its what I always tell my brother

  2. Honestly if you played online and you did one thing to him and he unfriended you, you probably shouldn't play with him because if you do something else he might report you. Xbox live has plenty of good gamers (ones who don't care what happens), and bad gamers (ones who throw a fit at any little thing). If he blocked you there isn't much you can do. Just avoid people like that and you will be a lot better off.

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