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Xbox One S vs. Xbox One (Worth the Buy?)


Many of you have asked if purchasing the Xbox One S was worth the upgrade from your original Xbox One and I wanted to share my thoughts. We also have to consider Project Scorpio, Playstation Neo, & the Nintendo NX coming either later this year or in the holiday season in 2016. I talk the most about the Xbox One S so you all can make a decision on whether or not the upgrade is for you! Let me know your thoughts about all of this down below in the comment section below.

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This video was recorded in 1080p 60FPS with the Elgato HD60! Get more information right here!


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Xbox One S vs. Xbox One (Worth the Buy?)

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  1. Some says you should put Xbox 360 standing up so it can release the heat so avoid overheating then the red ring of death

  2. From my understanding, it's actually: You can use 4Kp on almost any game, but you can only use HDR on some games, like Forza Horizon 3. HDR makes colors, graphics, and movements better and smoother.

  3. i Just bought a bundle for sale: Xbox one S 2 controllers and gta v all brand new for 229,99 euro's. Im pretty happy with it

  4. just saying, I'm getting an xbox one s, scorpio is just f*cking dumb, and unnecessarily powerful for a console.

  5. Fuck it im going to stick with my original Xbox one why will i wanna buy a xbox one s if im going to play the same shit all the updates is the same and the project scorpio is also going to be playing with the same xbox one games so why spend more money?

  6. if ur not concerned with space and 4k…then xbox one is just as good as s. I mean if u dont want to waste some extra bucks.Graphics are the same on both(regular graphics).

  7. i have an xbox one s and i barely use it. i reccomend buying it if you have a close sibiling or friend to play with because im an only child and its kinda sad playing alone and wasting a good console

  8. Which I should buy xbox one or xbox one s which is beter or I should wait for xbox scorpio

  9. If you message Microsoft and give them the proper info they'll send you a free Kinect adapter for your Xbox One S so you don't have to pay the $40 price tag.

  10. Im going to wait for project scorpio! I have a 4k tv so I might as well wait for a console that supports it and the power that the console is suppose to have.

  11. Can you use it with any other regular tv that has hdmi? Or it just has to be a 4k tv?

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