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XboxOne gameshare offer (Gamertag- Mulla)


XboxOne gameshare offer (Gamertag- Mulla)


  1. Would I be able to gameshare bo3 all my game are disc I'll give you game when I'm able too

  2. Want to game share but I go first I got scammed 6 times already and I have a lot of games all I want is GTA5


  3. I have rainbow six siege and season pass for it, also have destiny, black ops 1, saints row 4, tekken tag tournament 2, dead space, borderlands, halo master chief collection, halo reach, madden 16, the walking dead complete first season, witcher 2, and tomb raider definitive edition and more. Message me on kik- big_jake16 or Xbox- iiZyx. Looking for games like gta v, infinite warfare, mwr, bo3, overwatch.

  4. someone add me if wanna gameshare my gamertag is kickass3445 i want minecraft i have gears of war2 , gears of wae ,terraria, and infinite warfare

  5. anyone wanna game share?
    I got the walking dead a new frontier, Gta5,7Days to die, Star wars battle front, Battlefield 1, and more
    (my Kik is SmokeyPanda024) I have plenty of proof if needed

    I want:

    rocket league
    nba 2k17

    ill give:

    Infinite Warfare
    COD 4 remastered

    Insta dm me: @aryanb16

  7. Who gameshare me gta v I have mwr skate 3 minecraft wwe 2k16 NBA 2k16 escapist over watch
    Comment down below if you wanna game share with me

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