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15 Essential Virtual Console Games Everyone Should Play — NWC | Gamnesia


The Virtual Console has a ton of games available, so how do you know which games to try out? Here are fifteen of the most essential classics.

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0:50 — Super Mario Galaxy
1:02 — Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest
1:31 — Paper Mario N64
2:00 — Mega Man 2 / Mega Man X
2:34 — Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
3:25 — Super Mario World
4:54 — The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
5:58 — EarthBound
7:18 — Metroid Fusion
9:30 — Pokémon Yellow Version
11:31 — Pokémon Red / Blue Versions
13:59 — Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA)
15:25 — Metroid Prime Trilogy
17:09 — The Legend of Zelda  (NES)
20:38 — The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

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15 Essential Virtual Console Games Everyone Should Play — NWC | Gamnesia

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  1. Speaking of Metroid…
    Does anyone know if the 1st had any form of map ANYWHERE? Obviously, not in game, and I know we have the internet to look for walthroughs with a map, but I'm saying like back then. Was it in the manual? In a Nintendo Power mag? Where? Or do they really leave you fucked to back track because you can't remember if you already visited a place or not?
    And what about the SNES Metroid? I never played that one, so does it have an in game map? Or in it's manual?
    At least Metroid Fusion has an in game map… That game is impressive for a little GBA game. The grafics are beautiful (as far as I can see VC-wise, I don't know what it looks like without the backlight on a reg. GBA).

  2. Link's Awakening (non DX) was my 1st Zelda. When you used powder on that special 'mushroom' he told you something about condoms. I tried to show it to a friend who had the DX Version, but it was somehow cut out. Can anybody confirm that? This really confused me as a kid, years later I realized what it was talking about.

  3. I think Earthbound is only on wii U virtual console. I have wii and wanted to play earthbound but cannot find it

  4. I know you guys probably think your hilarious, but i don't want to stare at you eating chicken as a background while im watching a video. other than that good picks i guess

  5. Playing Super Mario Galaxy is like driving a Lamborghini that has two strings you can pull to go right or left, instead of a steering wheel.

  6. One thing about Nintendo with the Wii U is they did come through in a pretty major way on their 2D virtual console stuff especially with the Game Boy Advance finally – but the N64 being all but forgotten is annoying…seems like that was being left for last but now the U is basically being abandoned

  7. my picks:

    1. EarthBound
    2. Super Metroid
    3. Super Mario World
    4. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    5. Super Mario Bros. 3

  8. Top 5 N64 Games
    5. Majora's mask
    4.Kirby 64
    3. 007 Goldeneye
    2. Super Mario 64
    1. Ocarina of Time

  9. Am I the only one that wishes that Metroid Prime could use a keyboard and mouse? I mean it makes sense, Its a first person shooter that should utilize better aiming controls making it a little more quick and it would immerse the player with the environment 10 fold. But as it stands its still a freaking amazing game series.

  10. btw, Doki Doki Panic was made from the scraps of a game prototype that was almost a Mario game so it's still a Mario game.

  11. Links Awakening convinced me to continue trying out the Zelda series. Gonna buy the Oracle games next.

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