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About xbox kinect (no pirates)?


I didn’t know how to edit my previous post, but I am not a pirate. I just wanted to ask whether it is possible out of curiosity. I am actually willing to pay for about S$60 (or less?) for an xbox game.

How much does an xbox 360 game cost? And are kinect games more expensive?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Xbox 360 games have different prices, the Xbox 360 has been around for awhile so it makes sense that there is a different price structure. But for the Kinect the initial cost of the games are set at $49 US.

    As for pirates, they just made Xbox live users upgrade their Dashboards on November 1st. It’s not a fun time for pirates right now. They need sometime for someone to figure out a way around the new protection scheme. Eventually it will happen.

  2. An xbox 360 game (not new) costs around $20 or $30. It depends if it is good or not. A new xbox 360 costs around $40 or more (not sure). Kinect games will cost $49.99. Hope this helped. 🙂

  3. Kinect games, at least the launch titles, are cheaper — $50. Most 360 games are around the $60 point (some higher, some lower).

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