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  1. well, i am a pussy who loves the alien series, but being put into the shoes of Ripley's daughter is sort of stressful for me. how do you do this? the game is so good that i refrain from playing it for it is scary.
    ill sneak by the robots and crap, but the damn alien jumps out of nowhere.

  2. Can't stand when people think they're "manly" enough to play triple A horror games like this, then get some cheat shit. Us women who play games like this properly, without cheats obviously have more balls than you guys have.

  3. Hey ivan……. I downloaded the trainer. But i can't get it to work !. Its not working .
    I ran the game and the trainer as administrator….but still its like no trainer application…… No sound … No red color…..

    I really want the invisibility option…..i just wana kill that alien……if that possible. Hahaha

  4. Ehy Ivan, this trainer, to work, must match the game version u are using, Can u please give us a link of where u downloaded ur version ? Even if it's torrent, doesnt matter, I just wanna play this trainer.

  5. Это всё, конечно, прекрасно. Но можно ли сделать то же самое для версии от Codex? Реально на пару секунд опция с 0 хп вроде активируется, но потом тухнет и в игре все как было так и остается =(

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