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Another Century’s Episode:R – Trailer – PS3


Another Century's Episode:R - Trailer - PS3


  1. @Marc ZimmermanWho cares…where the hell's the Rein Weissritter?!  I want to see Excellen and Kira do a dual beam spam attack!!!  That would be epic as all hell!

  2. 3:38 Waiting for that the whole fucking trailer…SRW IS IN THE HOUSE BITCHES!!! MOVE OVER, GUNDAMS! THE REAL FUCKING DEAL IS IN THE BUILDING!

  3. why must the Japanese underestamte the power of of none Asian gamers. not to brag but i'm great at the armored core series and i bet other English and american gamers are. and we know alot of people like anime. especially gundam and code geass alone in this game would make it sell. plus i'd love to see a fan subbed version of this i don't care about the voice's. it just adds more craziness to it all.

  4. I can not believe this game exists. This is the first time I know about it, almost all my favorite characters are here! Athrun, Lelouch, Sheryl, Camille, Apollo, Sylvie, Kallen, Lancelot! (Yeah, I like Lancelot, but not that stupid thing which usually is inside of it)

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