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Are the wii graphics like the ps2?


The ps2 does have better graphic because the ps2 have 2 processors which is the Emotion engine and the graphic chip,and the wii only have one processors which is the graphic chip,the wii graphic is 730mhz and the ps2 Emotion engine is 500mhz and the ps2 graphic chip is 300mhz that mean the ps2 have 800mhz,the ps2 graphic is actually way better, and look at games like metal gear solid 3 snake eater for the ps2 and look at gran truism 4 for the ps2 and much more,those games have way better graphic than every game that has been created for the wii,and the wii have the same graphic as the gamecube because look at resident evil 4 for the wii and the gamecube they are the same,and the reason why resident evil 4 look better on the wii and the gamecube than the ps2 is because it was made on the gamecube and scrap on the ps2.And remember they don’t need to scrap no game on the wii from the gamecube because the wii and the gamecube have the same processors and hardware and everything.

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  1. Firstly, you are wrong, the Wii has a CPU and a GPU, just like the PS2 (and Gamecube, and Xbox, and Dreamcast.). (and if you want to get technical, all game consoles have more like 8 processors in them when you figure in things like the chip that handles controller input and the chip that controls the data access for the disk drive.) Secondly, prcessor speed means almost nothing, and has meant almost nothing for the past 10 years. Just like the number of “bits” the processor is doesn’t really mean anything as far as power is concerned.

    The Gamecube was far more powerful than the PS2. RE4 for PS2 wasn’t downgraded because it was first made for Gamecube. It was downgraded because the PS2 couldn’t handle that many enemies at once or the advanced lighting the Gamecube version had (the Gamecube was far and away the most advanced system of the generation for lighting). The Gamecube was roughly the same power as the XBox. And the Wii is about twice that powerful.

    Quality games for Wii that were made specifically for it, such as Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3, have graphics that no system the last generation could have done.

  2. Yeah ps2 has much better graphics. I’m 14 and hate the wii it’s more for younger children and adults.

  3. No

    The wii has far more better graphics than the ps2.Have you ever played a good graphiced wii game? In resident evil 4 for wii the graphics are more sharper and brighter than the ps2. And lets not forget that the Gamecube had better graphics than the ps2.The ps2 was the weakist of all there system last gen.The Gamecube was two times stronger than the ps2 and the wii is four times stronger than the gamecube so how can the wii have the same graphics than the ps2? Go look at Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and you will see the the wii’s graphics are way greater than those in the ps2.

    ps2 graphics 20 milino poloygons per second

    Gamecbe 25 million polougons per second

    Wii 500 million poloygons per secod

    so to answer you question no wii has far greater graphics than the ps2

  4. The Wii is basically using the same graphics chips as the Game Cube, which had better graphics than the PS2 did.

    So, no, the Wii’s graphics aren’t like the PS2’s. They’re smoother.

  5. I think you just answered your own question lol.

    But I think there about the same graphics.

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