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Baja: Edge of Control – Review


Baja: Edge of Control - Review

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  1. excellent game. Tough initial learning but very satisfying once you get it. Hugely rewarding game and one I still regularly. A lot of folk no doubt passed this one by on the basis they thought it was pants which is definitely a shame on their part. Certainly has it fans though that's for sure. Pretty stupid review it must be said. Also bonnet view while certainly the most exhilarating is also the easiest to use

  2. This reviewer knows nothing about vehicles. Floaty phyisics? did you even touch on the fact you have to operate a clutch smoothly or you can tune your cars to become less "floaty" at the cost of worse endurance and higher wear? The physics and car damage are both very adequate and fun. This guy just sucks at this one of a kind endurance game. If you're looking for a steep learning curve, a test of skill and a game where you can challenge yourself. This is one to keep an eye on. The controls are actually spot on once you know how to tune the cars. My only complaint is the frame rate can dip quite low on ps3 at times to 22FPS. So maybe pick up some cooling accessories for your console. Might help.

  3. I'd say an 8.5. It offers what real BAJA 1000 races can put through you. It has good graphics, wide range of vehicles, and quite realistic features, as that handling is probably hard in the RL, and events taking up to 4 hours! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. I loved this game, but I lost it and could not find it for 4 years, still haven't found it yet. D: I really loved this game so much!

  5. This guy is Spot on, The real Baja 1000 is not difficult at all and the courses are clearly marked thoughout with no crazy bumps or jumps. And as for the neverending sand, cactus and shrubbery… good grief you'd think it took place in a desert or something. I don't know what the developers were thinking! Now seriously, get somebody who's actualy heard of the race to do the review.

  6. Thats what I meant to say, but instead of writing "air" , I wrote "are" haha stupid typos -_-

  7. Best off road racing game out so far, the texture is slightly bland and the roaster tail that comes out from the tires looks terrible…. but the track terrain is spectacurly well formed (rough and smooth) and the vehical physics are amazingly realistic (except for how much are your truck will be able to withstand). This game is fun for those who love realistic off road handling in games and land rush tracks (like the real Baja). Other realistic features are, tire tracks, sounds and damage.

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