Home Playstation Games Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition PS4 Gameplay – Saving General Sarrano

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition PS4 Gameplay – Saving General Sarrano


Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition PS4 Gameplay - Saving General Sarrano

Shake it baby! We’ve got 12 minutes worth of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Duke Nukem gameplay for you to feast your eyes on today. Watch the Duke in action in this Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition PS4 gameplay. Come get some!

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12 minutes of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Duke Nukem gameplay


  1. I like seeing Duke here instead of Gray. Played the PS3 one, now I wanna play it this way.

  2. They really should make a sequel to this game, such a great game and awesome to see it remastered to next gen but having a full on new game is so deserved.

  3. It's so obvious that they didn't bother changing any of the lines to fit Duke, they just speak to him like he is Gray, and that really creates this weird disconnect where it feels like Duke is talking to himself because they don't acknowledge his lines. Looks like a lackluster re-release

  4. honestly I'll probably pre-order it just for this. because what a game about violence and Insanity needed was the king of potty humor and violence

  5. I started playing Duke Nukem when I was 8 or 9 years old, and its one of the reasons I got into gaming too. Duke is my favorite and had a crush on him (still do). But when I heard Duke Nukem Forever coming out I was so excited like a anime school girl. Played the game for about an hour and I pretty much crucified the shitty game afterwards. I was very disappointed how badly they ruined the game. First time me being actually disappointed in a game too.

  6. I did expect that Duke Nukem would just be a reskin and new voice over, so this doesn't bother me all that bad. I never played Bulletstorm before, so I'll be picking this one up as a Duke fan and to try out Bulletstorm for the first time. Hopefully, if this does well, we can get another Duke Nukem game and perhaps a proper Bulletstorm sequel.

  7. Bulletstorm is hella fun to play, but adding Duke Nukem, is liking pissing in my Cereal. Anyone remember the last Duke Nukem game? ¬_¬

  8. People aren't understanding that this game has a chance to shine again, gain the money back it didn't get when the original releases and generate new sales and possibly a sequel, so the more people that buy this the better!

  9. Bad lip sync is bad. Also I'd be more excited if Duke made is way to Doom…. Bethesda! Get on that!

  10. so… what? gearbox wanted to rerelease bulletstorm but realized they couldn't package it as remastered so they just threw duke in for a half-assed cameo? fuck you gearbox

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