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Guy Buys PS4 From Walmart, Says He Got Two Bags Of Rocks

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  1. The guy working there is like in shock in awe of this customer buying a expensive 600 dollar console!

  2. Haha, and here i am in 2017, 29 years old and getting my first PS3 in a couple of hours used from ebay. Played XBox 360 back in the days, never had the luxuary of playing "The Last of Us", "Heavy Rain", "Beyond: Two Souls" and so on. So i am basically pretty happy and curious like the guys in the video, only a bit late at the party.

  3. this will forever be my favorite video. and i dont know why! you were a lucky man that day 🙂

  4. At least he was told it was returned. I once bought a tablet that had the android flashed and the bootloader unlocked. The thing didn't even have the google playstore.

  5. My guess is that the ps4 box is probably sealed up tight and nice so no reason to open it up since its a gift and he trusted Walmart employee.
    also Igor probably dont even know wtf a ps4 supposed to contain

  6. I'm still at the beginning of the Vid but when you purchase something from Wal-Mart especially electronics it is behind a glass case in my area and to my knowledge you can not be used electronics. When an electronic is returned it will no longer be sold on the Wal-Mart floor but shipped to some manufactures warehouse who will then access the damage and ship it then back to a store if it is in great shape and was returned within hours or something. If not the usually then sale the product to various other businesses who make money on used or refurbished equipment. Point being is I would never look in a box when buying something from Wal-Mart as I would expect every part to be included. I'm curious to see how the rest of the Vid turns out or if we know anything about the person or possible victim or if they would have put the rocks in themselves and trying a stupid scam like this. However the fact he seemed to be consistent with his story and continued to contact Wal-Mart until the matter was corrected I can only trust that the customer is being honest and am shocked you blame him at all for not checking inside the box in the store. My Wal-Mart would in know way allow you to open and electronic without purchase. I guess he could have opened it after buying it but to call him a moron is wrong. I disagree with you on this. Now if it was game stop or a pawn shop I would 100% check it but again I can't believe they put a used console back on the shelf and I guess you could blame him for buying a used console from Wal-Mart but again can't believe the sold a returned console

  7. ive bought dvds that were empty boxes people just cut the package and slip the disc out. it happened people are thieves

  8. I b lame the employee as they have to check to see if the person who returned the product did just that including all freebies as most stores in the UK will tell you to give 100% back including any games and accessories if it was bought as part of a deal and they WILL check it

  9. Bought new PS4 game at Walmart. Took it home and found a shiny side up used Memorex RW DVD complete with scratches. Went right back for exchange, thought the manager was gonna call the cops. They made good and exchanged it.

  10. This happened to me once. I bought a PS 2 from Walmart and it was a returned one. I didn't know though. The control was torn up. I went to the Walmart and they gave me a new one. I wonder where they are at? Because whenever I go to return stuff I have zero problems. But then again I do have VERY violent tendencies. And people usually pick up on it. Or if it's a chick worker I can usually charm my way to whatever I need.

  11. This isn't the guys fault it's Walmart policy you can't return already opened systems and games and I don't even think the employee can open it. Not only that but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't know what a normal PS4 weights.

  12. u guy are so spupid . the thing he did is onbox the ps4 than he put rock on it than he say look what walmart sell he a fucking lyer

  13. It is not the customer's responsibility to open packages at the store to make sure they aren't being screwed over, it's Wal Mart's responsibility to not screw over its customers. That's the only "common sense" I see here. It's strange how incredibly hard you're being on this guy when he's done absolutely nothing wrong.

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