Home Playstation Forum Can anyone help me with a semi-broken playstation controller?

Can anyone help me with a semi-broken playstation controller?


Alright quick run down of my situation.

I have this game Darkstalkers. I only have one controller that works with this game, I don’t know why but if I hook up one of my other controller’s the analog sticks don’t work which is essential considering that Darkstalkers is an old school arcade fighting game.

The R2 and L2 buttons never worked on this controller, but those buttons aren’t used in Darkstalkers so it’s not that big of a deal, but just recently my L1 button stopped working correctly. Now it only works less then half the time. So. anything I can do to fix it? Or is it more like a software glitch? I treat my controllers very nicely but this one has always been crappy since I got it from a friend a few years ago.

Any advice on fixing this problem would be helpful, or just hearing that the controller would never recover would also be nice to know.

Thanks people.

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  1. i had pretty much the same problem on one of my ps1 dual shocks back in the day. i never was able to fix it. only suggestion i could make is take it apart and see if its dirty like Pepsi spilled on it or something. you could try cleaning it up with a little alcohol. ps1 and 2 contollers are pretty cheap and plentiful at pawn shops and the like if your playing on one of those systems. i wouldn’t put in too much work fixing it unless its a ps3 controller.

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