Home Xbox Forum Can I hook my xbox 360 to my iMac?

Can I hook my xbox 360 to my iMac?


Is it possible to hook your xbox 360 to your iMac monitor and play as if it were a tv?

My boyfriend got me an xbox for my birthday and I can’t play because our 64″ is taken over by the daycare my mom runs in our house.


Has anyone done this?

What cords do I buy?

How much will this cost me?

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  1. You’re asking if you can run a Microsoft Xbox on an Apple computer?.

    If the Mac has a 64-pin plug in it, (which it should) then. You would need either an AV adapter, or an HDMI adapter. I never work with Macs. But. Yeah, good luck. Shouldn’t be more than ~$70.

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