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Days Gone Official Alternate Playthrough – E3 2017


Days Gone Official Alternate Playthrough - E3 2017


  1. 5:30 So to shut the guy up for screaming too loud and attracting attention, they decide to kill him… with a gun. Cause logic lol.

  2. I keep seeing people compare this to "last of us 2" almost as if that should be a bad comparison, the last of us was a bench mark game on the PS3 that was ported to the ps4 and an absolute hit!!! However this game also being a PlayStation exclusive looks amazing and unlike the last of us this is an open world action game that is honestly on my list of top PS4 games!!!

  3. Open World, Detective Vision, Press X to Stealth Kill, sub-30 fps, shoddy combat animations…Yeah, not looking good.

  4. people say it copys the last of us but i am seeing alot of tomb raider 2013/ rise of teh tomb raider. like how he grabs rocks and tree branches..

  5. The combat looks wonky with a lot of clipping iff you look good at iT Its the only hate you get from me

  6. Looked too easy when he took out the AK and killed everyone…needs a more intense and brutal combat flow, enemies need to flank and out smart him, plus the ai's aim was atrocious worst aim Ive seen since the classic storm troopers.

  7. That shity background blur ruined the cut scene. Did they just downgrade the quality ? Why ? Why ? WHY????

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