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Did your xbox RROD in the past month?


it seems to me, readin certain posts and questions that everyones xbox broke during december and over christmas (inc mine and 3 friends) dosnt it seem weird how they always break at the worst time (mine was right b4 crimbo) so im just curious to see how many ppl on Y!A have a broken xbox at the moment or is in repair

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  1. MIne broke even tho i hardly use it.one red light and E64 code.:( i sent it to microsoft in NSW on xmas eve.apparently stil hasnt arrived.

  2. Mine went ka-put around 2 months before Crimbo, then my mate turned round to me & said “Oh, XBox’s don’t have an RRoD problem, it’s because you flashed it to play copies!”

    Then a month later, his RRoD’d, yea, & I was all like; “Ha! Face!”

    So yea, truth of the matter & moral of the stroy is that the XBox 360 has had RRoD problems from the start & to be honest I doubt they will ever make the console 100%

    Bought a new one for Crimbo though! & oh my god it makes so much noise compared to the PS3, I now live in fear of it Ringing ‘again’! >.<

  3. Were you playing Fable 2? That has been linked as a cause of the RROD for a lot of people (especially those with older consoles. The more recent batches have a significantly less failure rate). Anyway, my friend had the RROD a year ago and it took nearly a month to complete the full process and receive his new Xbox from Microsoft.

  4. I’ve never gotten the RRoD, but I do buy RRoD xbox 360’s or repair them, so if you have a broken 360 and are interested, contact me.

  5. No my last xbox (that I got from Microsoft after I had the RROD) was over a year and a half now.

    Make sure you have it well ventilated. I set mine on top of some VHS taps that are laying around. keeps it off the floor enough so all the vents are open and free.

  6. Yes. Lol.

    sadly enough, not sending it back though, solving my problems by not being pov people like most and getting myself a real console (PS3)

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