Home Videos Dragon Ball FighterZ – XB1/PS4/PC – Gameplay session #1

Dragon Ball FighterZ – XB1/PS4/PC – Gameplay session #1


Dragon Ball FighterZ - XB1/PS4/PC - Gameplay session #1


  1. I think I'm the only one who thinks it would be pretty cool to see a crossover between Dragon Ball FighterZ and Guilty Gear Xrd

  2. @Bandai namco Please don't region lock this game like xenoverse series and make it availabe in south asia . Dbz is popular .

  3. The game is beautiful, the best DBZ artstyle yet. But the animation really bugs me. I don't like the effect of mimicking frameskip that they put in this game just to pay homage to the old pixelated 2d games. Maybe this will impact the gameplay somehow, nonetheless I would've gone for fluidity.

  4. gameplay is sorta trash though nice graphics until fight starts they look like carboard cut outs most of the time maybe itll get better but i can tell already its not gonna be my cup of tea could be nice for other fans though

  5. this looks amazing but the one thing i hate is that it doesnt have like u can make ur own character aor when u fight theres only one camera view and yeah thats it everything else amazing

  6. Solid idea–When characters fly in to fight, let them have some type of small interaction if their "rivals"

  7. Looks awesome!! I just hope the reduce the amount of special effects and voices and add a little background fighting theme, even cooler if every stage would have its own theme!!

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