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Duke Nukem Forever: Walkthrough – Part 3 [Chapter 5] – Lady Killer (Gameplay) [Xbox 360, PS3, PC]


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Duke Nukem Forever: Walkthrough Part 3 (Gameplay & Commentary) Let’s Play / Playthrough with live and sometimes explicit Commentary. I’ll be doing the full Walkthrough of Duke Nukem Forever so please leave a comment and subscribe so you don’t miss future parts.

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Duke Nukem Forever: Walkthrough - Part 3 [Chapter 5] - Lady Killer (Gameplay) [Xbox 360, PS3, PC]


  1. If you can blow up laser systems and fire extinguishers with loud shotguns in the attempt to remain undetected, harmed, and stay stealthy, fans of uber boring realistic war shooter simulators do not play.

  2. People who don't like this have forgot the meaning of fun in shooters. They are to indulged in their MLG call of duty war simulator and the logic that graphics make the game. Sad shooters have to character and when they do, people shit on it. I plan on picking this game up and trying it out. I like these kinds of games.

  3. Duke nukem does not have regenerating health and he is supposed to be able to carry more than 1 weapon those are the two main things that ruined this game

  4. LOL… NEVER and I mean NEVER give up a 1911 for anything less than a magnum revolver in any game. Futuristic plasma cutter um no thank you. Me and a trusty .45 all day long. It is like a shotgun in Resident Evil there is no substitute.

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