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Flower – Trailer 3 – PS3


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Flower - Trailer 3 - PS3


  1. I miss playing this game…When will they make more games like this again please?

  2. @jungla3 This game is about relaxing, just to remember how beautiful nature can be..

    This is 1 Amazing game to expirience, im a hardcore gamer and you can take my words for it.. After a intense MP game and frustration, just play this game and you will have a heavenly ride of youre gaming life. 🙂

  3. @viniesonic oh ok, thx a lot dude. yep i got one, i just didn't know that i got to sell it on the ps store.

  4. @barrytpgr The Beauty of Nature, I wish i could be in either 1 of the 3 level environment, and enjoy my GF 😛

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