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Free PS3 Recording Software?


Does anybody know of any free ps3 recording software downloads or anything i can get to record gameplay on my ps3? i have a 16gb flash drive so if i have to download it on the computer and then put it on ps3 then that’s fine. any help would be appreciative, and if your answer works then i’ll make sure to credit you on all my videos.

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  1. You still need a capture device if you want to record PS3 gameplay. There’s no free way to do it unless you already have one lying around. You need SOME way of taking the audio/video signal and converting it to a computer format and that requires extra hardware if you want to go from console to PC.

    The PS3 is capable of recording gameplay and uploading it to Youtube itself, HOWEVER, it’s a function that developers have to implement into their games themselves, so only some games offer the ability to record your gameplay such as Call of Duty: Black Ops.

    If you buy a Hauppauge HD PVR or something, it will come with recording software provided you buy it new in box.

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