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Get Your Xbox 360 Back Up & Running Tonight – Fix the Three Red Rings of Death


So I got home and decided to fire up the old 360 and get some game time in. Well there I was, driving around Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto 4 when I get the “Disc Read Error.” So I turn it off and turn it back and BAM…Red Ring of Death for me. Now I am not surprised given Microsoft’s current track record with the 360’s failing. So I decided to pop on the Internet and see what I could find out.

Well the good news is there are both fixes for the RROD and ways to avoid them. The fixes work great by the way. I had mine back up and running within two hours. But I thought I would throw together the tips that I saw so that you can try them out and maybe save the life of another Xbox 360.


1. Never move the 360 with a game in it while it is on. Now I know this one sounds stupid but you couldn’t believe the number of people that have done this.

2. Do not put a fan by it. You want the air to come out of it, not go back in it. I know your thinking the fan might “cool it off”, but all your doing is pushing that hot air right back in to your console.

3. Make sure you have adequate room between the Xbox 360 and other components. This is another one that seems like common sense but I read about a guy that had his 360 on top of his cable box. Not a smart idea!

Like I said before there are fixes out there if you have the RROD already and they work. But try and remember once you have it fixed to use some of these tips to avoid getting it again. These tips can save you any future grief.

If you don’t want to wait on shipping your Xbox 360 back, try fixing it yourself with this handy guide:

Check out the Xbox360 Repair Guide [http://www.xbox360redringrepair.info]

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