Home Videos GRAN TURISMO SPORT New Trailer (2017) PS4 – 4K

GRAN TURISMO SPORT New Trailer (2017) PS4 – 4K


GRAN TURISMO SPORT New Trailer (2017) PS4 - 4K

Gran Turismo Sport | Release Date Trailer | PS4

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  1. I've always loved Gran Turismo but Christ I wish they would release games a little more often. Now that Forza is coming to PC I won't be putting much time into this unfortunately.

  2. GT5's framerate and V-sync off made me sick even though I've finished the game. GT Sport should be 4K HDR 60fps. or else, I will choose Forza 7 instead.

  3. wow. im technically a pc gamer but the graphics are close to photo realistic. im buying a ps4 pro just for this game

  4. Hope to see drift mode and drag racing would be very nice.
    Also wish they would add optional damage and more customization of real cars. But we all know how well the guys making this series listen to the fans/buyers of the game judging by the vacuum noise on that race track.

    Normally look very forward to GT's and they are one of reasons I buy playstations over Xbox but I think I will be renting this one first instead of rushing out to buy it. Starting to feel like a move to Xbox/Forza might be the move to make with Grand turismos unwillingness to change ANYTHING about there games other than the graphics. Maybe they just need a second series like how forza has horizon but we all know how much they struggle just to put out the one they're doing now.

  5. Is this game ever coming out? or should I wait about 5 years for it to finally be released? 🙁

  6. This is how you ruined a brand they should delay this game and spend an extra 10 million on it…..
    Gran Turismo was always meant to be one of the best in its category but now it's going to be one of the worst in its category due to Sony's cheapness…..

  7. Playing GT since the PS1 days but still leaning towards Project Cars 2 . Has double the amount of tracks an much better variation car wise.

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