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GTR Vision: Tetris Evolution Review (Xbox 360)



GTR Vision: Tetris Evolution Review (Xbox 360)


  1. I am disappointed the japanese xbox release tetris the grandmaster ace… Much better!! But region locked… 🙁

  2. when i play newer games of Tetris, the N64 game "The New Tetris" always comes back to memory…good times…good memories. can never forget it.

  3. @ryonafan nah, its a real (cd) game, Tetris Splash is the arcade game. saw the real game at walmart one day. forgot the price tho

  4. is this the one with the sexy voice talking to you? i played a tetris demo on the xbox and i thought it was funny.

  5. Tetris 64? (the one with the bio sensor?)but didn't it came out only in Japan? Or do you mean "The New Tetris"?

  6. I'm not a huge fan of Tetris, but I know it's a fun game. What I don't get is why one should be waiting for a Tetris game on the Xbox 360? It is perfectly enjoyable on a Game Boy, why wanting it on a seventh generation console? I mean, I know every version has some differences, like the professor in "Tetris Plus", or the storage area in "The New Tetris" and you may be a HUGE tetris fan and want to have all versions of the game, but why asking for a newer one? I just don't get it… |:-(

  7. I sure as hell can argue about the price. It's a $30 game. That's too much to pay when you can get the arcade version much cheaper, and have just as much fun.

  8. This looks cool, but I like the variety on Tetris DS much more. If you want Tetris on the big screen, this is what you want. But if you want Tetris with depth, go with the DS version.

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