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Guitar Hero drums not working after 2.8 ps3 update?


Hey guys,

i downloaded the 2.8 update for my ps3 today and now the drums aren’t working with the game. All the buttons work fine as i can navigate around the ps3 menus – they just don’t work in guitar hero. The lights on the drums also seem a bit strange. normally they all flash but now the two right hand side buttons are the only two on and they’re not flashing. Never seen that before!

I was just wondering if anyone’s encountered this problem or knows how to fix it?

Many Thanks,


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  1. After the update, all guitars and such have been assigned to controll slot # 7. Before you start your game, go into you accessory setting, then re-assign the controller to slot # 1.

  2. My guitar quit working on Guitar Hero: World Tour which came with it but works on Guitar Hero: Legends of Rock. Something went wrong with the update. I haven’t been able to play it since.

    I can do the same thing, move around the PS3 menu but the game does not detect the Guitar.

    Contact them here.

    [email is not allowed]

    I already emailed them about it. E-mailed them too so they see it’s not just one person with the issue. Awaiting a response from them.


    Thanks bat! That resolved the issue. I was re assigning it with the controller, didn’t think about the accessories option.

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