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Gunscape Review – Is It Good?


Gunscape Review - Is It Good?


  1. The standard edition is 75% off for $4.99 and gold edition also 75%off for $9.99 on the current summer sale.
    So I love the old skool graphics, and the fact I can play locally with my friends.
    Buuut the fact that there are no bots turns me off the game completely. Like Snorth said, Timesplitters had them and so should this game. Disappointed…

  2. if you like making maps but want something newer then check out the new Doom, also if you like this check out Cube… Gunscape reminds me a lot of Cube and of course Cube 2 Sauerbraten. Nice video!

  3. Who cares if your review came out late, at least you did a review, and a good one. The 20 dollar price did put me off, but it is on sale on PlayStation store for half the price, Im going to get it because I love the classic doom, quake, and turok games, and just retro games in general, so graphics ain't a big deal on my side of the fence. Ps subscribed, keep up the good work.

  4. reminds me of quake, you said youd like to see a realistic game with a map editor, doom has snap map, you can add bots and make single player and multiplayer gametypes, complete with ai scripting and everything.

  5. You can make your own "Gunscape" with coming UCraft xD I wonder, whats the point of this game then? But yeah, i think the price is pretty fair though. 10 Dollars…if its just 10 dollars it would be OK. If its really 20 dollars that would be too pricy.

  6. this game is all about old school nostalgia. thats the whole point i think. it shouldn't have better graphics. seems its ment as a crossover between wolfenstein3d and Minecraft.
    Look s really fun to me. would love to play it on my Wii U.

  7. Well maybe I did not know derp because I don't follow them and it should have been in form the start because when I think old school I think bots but anyway I just glad I can get the game and it is good to hear they will keep adding stuff.

  8. No bots no buy lol how can you have old school graphics and follow the old school shooters when they had bots. Why are dev try to kill bots? They are awesome

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