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HAWKEN – 7 Tips For Beginners


HAWKEN - 7 Tips For Beginners


  1. Hey everyone! Thanks for the 100K views! I'm still playing Hawken and still having fun. If you want to see more Hawken content feel free to follow my stream at twitch.tv/merl61 Thanks for watching and I'll see you on the battlefield.


  2. it sucks that hawken was bought out, all legacy player accounts have been terminated, thank fuck i had the steam version.

  3. You explain all of that but you don't explain how to join a match wow. Can anybody please tell me how?

  4. I play Xbox XFORLIFEGAMERX I confuse peeps with hologram and place turret next to it and then wait and box em in I'm still use 1stmech frame u get but I stay back and heat up the rader with guns to pull them my way pays off in the long run

  5. I really hope this game gains back its popularity it had back in 2014. it went from 8k players down to barely 200 in 3 years on PC. it's so sad this game really is amazing and I wish the developers would realize this and really improve this game, there is so much potential and things to build off of

  6. hey i just got the game and i am wondering what steam DLC is worth getting or are they useless and a waste of money

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