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Help I accidently bought battlefield 4!?


I didnt accidently buy it but i bought it because i wanted it soooo bad, i bought it over the playstation store so its downloaded onto my ps3. so the next time my dad checks his billing account online, hes gunna be ticked!! about two weeks ago my controller broke and now i have a new one that my dad doesnt know about so he thinks i havent been playing my ps3 when i have been, so how can i convince him that i didnt buy anything?

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  1. You can’t. He’ll see it on the statement and there’s nothing you can do to convince him otherwise as I’m sure he knows exactly what he’s got coming out if he’s keeping proper track. So when he sees that extra fee, of course he’s going to be mad. Just fess up and take it like a man. That’s why you shouldn’t steal: don’t do the crime if you can’t pay the fine.

  2. Essentially, you’ve stolen, admit it, and take the punishment like a man, instead of trying to get out of it.

    You are going to hell now.

    Good Game though!

  3. so you ripped off you dad , be a man and tel him before he gets the bill because you’re a lot better off being honest since he’s going to find out soon anyway

    you can’t convince him you didn’t buy anything , sony is going to bill his credit card and he will know it was your psn account that bought the game. Lying is for 5 year old kids , so stop acting like a little kid and tell him , take the punishment ( maybe get a job and pay him back? )

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