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How Big Of A Hard Drive Can You Put In Your Playstation 3



  1. Physically it has to be 2.5 inch SATA.

    If you are asking how much the maximum memory is the answer is you can put any HDD in, no matter how big but the PS3 will only read up to 250 gigs.

    If you put, for example a 500 gig HDD you could only store 250 gigs of data.

    So if you want the maximuum memory just get a 250 gig one.

  2. Currenttly the PS3 can use the same 2.5″ hard drives as laptops the biggest out right now are mostly 320GB but 500GB ones are starting to pop up.

    As for External drives connected to the PS3, it depends on the RAID 0 Setup but is believed to be over 2TB

  3. Physcially no larger than 2.5″, wiht Sata conenction

    GB/TB wise, as big a hdd as you can afford. and it doesnt even have to be 5,400RPM, you cna use the new 7,200RPM drives too.

    as long as it has a SATA conenctor, and is physcially no larger than the2.5″ bay it goes in you could use any drive you want, thers no OS limit on the drive, and if there was Sony can add firmware updates to accomadate faster larger drives as they coe to the market.

    So in by the end of PS3 reign we might have 3TB drives running at 10,000RPM ( or more liekly 3TB SSD drives)

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