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how can i set up my xbox live connection?


Well basically in my room i’ve got my xbox 360, tv and my computer.However the modem and the router is in the study which isnt far from my room.The modem and the router is connected to the computer in the study.The router is also connecting a another computer in another room and my computer in my room.Now to overview everything i just said:I’ve got a router and a modem which is connected to the study computer and the router which is in the study room is also connecting multiple computers in other rooms.Now i know i can connect my xbox 360 using a wireless networking adapter but ive heard that those things can interfere with microwaves,telephones.mobile phone etc.However is it very likely that it will interfere and will it happen very much.Also i’ve heard if your using a wi fi adapter on your 360 and on your router is connecting to different computers then it can slow down the process.Now will that happen much? Also i’ve heard that downloading takes longer on the wirless adapter, and if its true by how much?I want to connect with ethernet however for me it looks way too inconvient,since the router is in another room.However the room is close but is in another room.Also i’ve heard about how you can use your desktop as a wifi adapter to connect to xbox live and how you can bridge connect it and everything.Would that be good in my situation, since i have my own computer in my room and is connected to the router in the study.(btw i dont know much about that bridge connection)

Sorry i have all my questions all over the place but can someone PLEASE just tell me how to get the most convienient and the most smoothest way of how to connect to xbox live in my situation?

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  1. I’d seriously recommend just buying a wireless adapter, They’re not significantly slower than connecting via direct cable to the modem, and by my experience they don’t get interfered with at all.

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