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How do I get the Red Ring of Death on Xbox 360?


Hi Guys, I recently got the red ring of death but was able to fix it with the “towel trick.” I am trying to get the red ring again but I am running into problems. Every time I try to “overheat” my 360, I keep getting the two red rings (which means my xbox is overheating). How can I prevent the 2 rings and get to the three red rings? Thanks folks.

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  1. put it in a compact space or try shaking it WITHOUT THE DISC. or if you want the free repair just call them and they will belive you. they dont even check, they just throw it out without looking

  2. just let it cool down and see wat happens.

    if it works, play till u get the rrod. it wont be long, cuz the towel trick lasts for an hr or so

  3. It’s sort of luck of the draw there. I assume you’re trying to get 3 red lights to have it repaired under warranty. Call up XBox customer support and explain you get 3 red lights sometimes, and 2 red lights others. Tell them it is well-ventilated, blah blah blah. Tell them at the moment you have three red lights on the console and the light on the power brick is green. They will setup a repair and send you out a box for the free repair order.

  4. Just tell Microsoft you have three flashing red lights. They will magically believe you and fix it for free.

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