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How long will the xbox 360 be fresh?


When will all the hype for the Xbox 360 die.I just bought one and I don’t want a new Xbox system to come out because then all the big video game companys will start making video games for the new system, but anyway how long will the 360 be fresh or good for? to best answer. (:

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  1. It is speculated that one new console will come out next year and it is guaranteed that one(or two if one does not come out next year) will come out in 2014 because of the amount of development happening and what insiders have told us. So the xbox will last about 3 more years because older consoles are usually still used for about a year after it’s successor’s release and 4 years if the next gen consoles are too overpriced.

  2. Your good for another few years until the 720 comes out, it has already been announced so it’s only a matter of time.

  3. The 360 has been out for years now and it is not “fresh” but since nothing new is out yet it is still popular but the Xbox 720 is already in production and will be around maybe in the next 1-2 years.

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