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how to fix an old xbox 360 headset?


i have a very old xbox 360 headset where the part that connects into the controller is fat. And i have to hold down the mute/unmute button just to be able to talk into it and it takes alot of pressure to work. Is there an easier way of doing this without buying a new headset?

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  1. Mine too did the same thing. What i did is I bought another year for my xbox live when it expired and it came with a new mic, along with a chat pad and pgr4. Im pretty sure, however, you can go to gamestop or amazon.com and just buy a new or used one for pretty cheap. ($10-14)

    These things dont last forever. just buy a new one its probably better then just trying to fix it.

    There probably isnt a way to fix that mic that comes with the xbox.

  2. Maybe try some tape or a rubberband to keep the button down. Also you can put supergule on the button and hold it down with a napkin for 5 minures to make it stay down. Good Luck!

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